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The idea behind the INT Data Book comes from a Hebrew-language data book that Israeli hikers created independently several years ago. It was not a guidebook, but rather a line-by-line description of the trail that only highlighted the most important information for planning and undertaking a hike. Water sources, resupply points, campgrounds, road crossings, and trail junctions were all noted. Alongside each brief description of a landmark or other feature was a kilometer number, showing how far that point was from the beginning and end of the trail. Later iterations of the data book included elevation charts as well, so hikers could know something about the terrain they would be crossing.

While the advent of more English-language materials, both in print and on the Web, have lessened the need for an English data book, such a resource remains a worthy goal. A full guidebook is useful when researching a hike, but on the trail, many hikers prefer something more stripped-down. Creating something like this in English from the ground up, though, is difficult, time-consuming, and expensive. Translating Hebrew resources is faster, but presents problems because certain things familiar to an Israeli (a kibbutz chicken-house, for example) aren't always recognizable to a visitor from abroad.

Our long-term goal remains to create an English-language data book. If you're hiking the trail and are interested in gathering GPS waypoints and contributing to our body of trail knowledge, with a view toward compiling a reliable data book, please contact us at intdataproject@gmail.com.

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Israel National Trail Data Project DownloadAwhile back, we worked on a template for a data book based on the original resource created by Israeli backpackers in 2004. Feel free to take a look -- it gives a good idea of how an extremely compact guide to the trail could look. You can view a PDF of the first 50 kilometers of the INT by clicking here: Download the INT Data Book(You must have Adobe Reader in order to view this document.)



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